Living With Books 06: Books Are Spooky, Too

elissa field:

Decorating for Halloween with my boys this weekend has me looking back on the 6th edition of Living With Books: Books are Spooky, Too, on great ways to use books in decorating for Halloween.

Originally posted on elissa lauren field:

For lovers of books, their display is part of a home’s design aesthetic. This is no less true when Hallow’s Eve has haunting at hand.

Aren’t books the magic potion that reveal all the greatest spooky stories? The dark wizardry of reading a well-told tale, hunkered down under the covers on a blustery October night? 

No surprise, then, to see books claiming their place in decking homes out for Halloween festivities. Welcome to this special holiday edition of Living With Books, featuring do-it-yourself tips for using books as you decorate your haunted manor.

*    *     *    *    *

Classic Betty Grable pinup, getting spooked in style.

DIY writer Chris Nease features spells and ghost stories as centerpiece for a girls-glam Halloween party. link:  (commercial site)

SouthHouseBoutique on sells these spook-themed book jackets to dress your books in their own holiday costumes. (link not available)

Because we have such…

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