Writer/Editor for Hire

While I currently earn a full income as a teacher and while I am focused on completing my own writing, there is room in my schedule — and demand in paying my kids’ tuition — to support businesses or fellow writers with short-term writing or editing projects each month. This makes me a great hired gun.  I am straightforward, experienced and honest. Most commonly, I’m asked to review a short story or first chapters, or assist with writing, feedback or strategy with a blog (for flat fees ranging from $25-60, via PayPal) — but the lists below offer a complete menu of services I’ve done for clients over time.  Feel free to shoot me any questions by email or using the form below.  Good luck with your work!

Check out the menu below for a list of services I’ve provided in the past, as well as hourly and project-based costs.

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Elissa Field has more than 10 years experience writing for clients, and is currently available for one-off, short- or long-term projects. The menu below includes services she has provided clients.

Writing Your Words:

“When writing for clients, I find the story that brings their mission or philosophy to life.”

For professional publications, websites, features and marketing, Ms. Field has written for clients ranging from private individuals, lawyers and judges; to an interior design firm, a clothing start-up and a private school; to large organizations including a governmental agency and an international trade show company.  She seeks to find the client’s voice and write with intelligence that highlights their overall achievements and goals.

  • Bios, career perspectives
  • Feature articles, online and in print
  • Annual reports, newsletters, client correspondence
  • Press releases, press kits, advertising and brochure copy
  • Web copy (including SEO, but without sounding robotic)
  • Blogs (including social media integration, photos, more)
  • Personal correspondence, obituaries, memoirs
  • Speeches & presentations (including presentation technology)
  • Training & lesson plans (including presentation technology)
  • Graphic documents (forms, flyers)
  • Odd requests (such as a Fine Dining guide of 40 restaurants)

Pricing for Writing services: by the hour or by the project, with a minimum of $50. Initial consultation at no cost.

Editing Your Words:

“I edit for professionalism and consistency of voice — as well as subtle nuances, style, ‘politics,’ or even SEO.”

Not quite a spin doctor, Ms. Field has still had experience at controlling the nuance of voice within marketing and political offices, as well as the arts. She edits with a sense of the overall message a client intends to convey, and the ear their reader will apply to it.  A certified English teacher with a background in journalism, she applies appropriate standards for spelling, punctuation and formatting. Editing services have been used by blog writers, fiction writers, private individuals and business clients. Ms. Field welcomes projects large and small – whether a quick turnaround of a single blog or email, editorial feedback on fiction, weekly/monthly services, or a longterm project.

  • The Write Your Words services (above) include editing services
  • Blogs and web copy (including social media integration and photos)
  • Feature articles, print or online publications
  • Client letters, emails and other correspondence
  • Speeches, presentations, training & lessons (including technology)
  • Press releases, marketing, press kits
  • Personal statements, grant applications
  • Book-length fiction or nonfiction
  • Fiction: short stories and novels (overall response, or overall plus line-edits)
  • Personal correspondence, memoirs, obituaries
  • Odd projects, including form design or completion of applications

Pricing for Editing or proofreading services: by the hour or by project, with a minimum of $35 for standard editing. Micro-edits: $15-20/per piece, or $40/month for once-weekly micro-edit. Initial consultation at no cost.

Social Media consulting:

“Social Media is an opportunity to extend your communication, to reach your everyday audience or build community around the world.” 

Ms. Field understands that using social media tools is a powerful way to connect with your intended audience. When hiring or purchasing, customers today start with online searches. Even friends look for you first online.  Whether a single consultation, ongoing training or weekly/monthly services, Ms. Field can help you tailor an approach that fits your needs.

  • Training: “What is social media?”
  • Training: Twitter, Facebook, blogging and other social media venues
  • Consultation: establishing individual strategy for which forums to participate in, key players in your field, field-specific social media forums, setting up accounts, etc.
  • Maximizing your presence: evaluating current online presence, linking social networks, promoting online presence
  • Create website or blog (referrals for web design, hosting or other technical services)
  • Weekly/monthly management: montly/quarterly evaluation of presence and strategy, weekly posting, ongoing feedback

Pricing for Social Media consultation: half-hour rate of $25 applies for training; hourly or by project for individual consultations; weekly, monthly and quarterly rates for ongoing services.  Referral to free online sources is provided at no cost, when appropriate. 


To Contact for Services provide your email address, intended service, brief description, desired turnaround (and budget, if appropriate) — or simply ask a question — using any of these social media venues, or complete the contact form below.