Elissa Field is a fiction writer currently living in South Florida, with roots in Michigan, Virginia and Connecticut.   She shares her days with two mad-scientists (ages 6 and 9), and too many animals who invited themselves in and filed permanent address changes with the postmaster despite her protests.

In addition to writing, she teaches and takes on PR projects for private clients.

Ms. Field holds an English and Writing degree from Virginia Commonwealth University, with a background in journalism and intensive concentration in fiction and poetry.  She has been a contributor at Bread Loaf Writers Conference and Iowa Summer Workshops.   She studied with Gregory Donovan, Paule Marshall, David Lavender, Lon Otto and Randall Kenan, among others.  Ms. Field’s first novel, Breathing Water, was a finalist in the Heekin Foundation’s James Fellowship for the novel-in-progress.

Ms. Field is currently at work on a collection of short stories and two novels.

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