Friday Links for Writers: 02.01.13

February 1st. Jam-packed January, where did you go?

If your week has gone like mine, it’s been a busy one. Lots of boots-on-the-ground work with little time spent reflecting.

Despite the pace, what has made it a great week has been some of the great reading and links I’ve come across.  Here are a few of my favorites.

Last week’s Friday Links featured great resources for writers working on a novel draft. This week features a couple more great links for novel and short story writers, but also 2 that are specifically for social media consultants or bloggers.

Enjoy, and feel free to suggest your own favorite reads in the comments!

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Tikka's litter born at our house a few years back. Masala, Attaluna, Twinkle, Orangey, Lilybird and Sunset. c Elissa Field

Tikka’s litter born at our house a few years back. Masala, Attaluna, Twinkle, Orangey, Lilybird and Sunset. c Elissa Field

Written Kitten

Wondering if I should explain this one or let it be a surprise. So, you ever say you want to write x-number of words a day but just can’t find the right, hmm, incentive to keep you going? What if someone invented — just hypothetically — a frame you could type in and — kind of like those mice trained to get a treat if they ring a bell — every time you typed 100 words a cute picture popped up on the screen beside your words? If you need a genuinely silly motivator to get your writing going, click this one.

Poets & Writers Tools for Writers

What to do now that Duotrope has turned to a paid-subscription service?  If you are submitting short fiction, Poets & Writers is one of the most generous resources available. This link takes you to their Tools for Writers page, which features coming contest deadlines, literary magazines, conferences, and even writing prompts and a Speakeasy discussion board that pre-dates most online venues. If you’ve never discovered the site, it’s definitely worth a look.

How to Write a Query Letter: A Flowchart

For those of you ready to query, literary agent staffer and freelance editor, Cassandra Marshall, shared this simple flowchart to guide you. (This one made it to my Pinterest. If you’re a pinner – or curious – here’s link to my boards.)

7 Libraries of Sensational Photographs You Can Use for Free

On his website, Bestseller Labs, author Jonathan Gunson shares links to 7 sources of photos available for use without royalties. It is good blogging practice to include an effective photo with each post, but it’s important to be able to accurately verify source information and availability to avoid inadvertent copyright infringement. This is the largest list of resources I’ve seen in one place.

7 Shortcuts for Fast Blog Posts

This post on Joan Stewart’s The Publicity Hound recognizes that many writers set January goals to post more often on their website, and offers 7 shortcuts for creating fast posts. On the flipside, for those of us writing social media for clients, it’s a great go-to list for generating posts for client sites. Some of her strategies can be transformed into a process for new client interaction, like asking clients to gather “frequent customer questions” to generate a list of likely articles.

What did you find in these links that is useful to you? Let me know if you want more on a particular subject, or share your own best finds.

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My car's view while I'm in a fiction workshop today (Freedom Tower, overlooking Biscayne Bay, Miami)

My car’s view while I’m in a fiction workshop today (Freedom Tower, overlooking Biscayne Bay, Miami)

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14 responses to “Friday Links for Writers: 02.01.13

  1. I knew about Poets & Writers resources, but the flow chart for the query letter is new to me. The graphic’s such a clear way to think about it. (It may be my favorite among this group.) I mentally sized up my query! Now if someone could generate the content for me . . . : ) Loved the photo resources; some are familiar, but I’ll want to explore others. I checked out Written Kitten, too. Looks like fun! You never know what may surface in 100 new words, and I do love kittens. I’ll have to try it to see how it works. Thanks much for these tips.


    • elissa field

      Gerry, it’s funny — Written Kitten got me to generate to completely random mini-stories, just to get to the next 100, and then the next 100…! I thought the query flowchart was a great visual, too. Glad to see you here!


  2. I printed and pinned the Query Letter flow chart. Wow. Thanks for the link.


  3. Awesome resources, Elissa! I loved them all, especially Poets & Writers :) Thanks a bunch.


    • elissa field

      Glad you liked them, Melanie. It’s funny — I almost didn’t think to include the Poets & Writers link, but then realized it’s not one everyone knows. They really are SO generous and high-quality with all the information they share. Thanks for reading and commenting!


  4. OoooOooh –thankies for all the writerly links! I’m blaming you for spending the next hour surfing the net instead of writing. ;)


    • elissa field

      You can especially blame me if I get you hooked on Pinterest. That one’s sucked me in lately! With the writing links, they’re worth it if they make up for lost time in inspiration, or if they let you work more efficiently. That’s the only defense! Thanks for commenting!


  5. Great resources, Elissa. Thanks for linking this up with the MMM!


  6. Thanks so much for the reminder about all of the good stuff on P&W’s site.


    • elissa field

      You’re welcome — it is a good reminder, isn’t it. I sometimes forget how much P&W makes available on their site. Thanks for commenting!


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