Friday Links for Writers 02.15.13

roses from my boys. c E Field

roses from my boys. c E Field

If you read my January Challenge Week 4: And Then Plans Changed post on Sunday, you know this has been a busy Valentine’s week for me.

I finished out my prior writing courses and got settled in to my new teaching position, leaving me rather drained and ready for the weekend.

Still, much of what I worked on included some great reading about the writing profession, partly inspired by #book2 tweets from the publishing industry’s un-conference last Sunday. (Search that hashtag on Twitter for conversations.)

Here are a handful of the best links of the week. As always, let me know what you found inspiring in these or what topics you’d like to see more of.

*     *     *     *     *

How Do I Improve My Memory? Forget More!

On the heels of ads for memory enhancing games like Luminosity, this TED Talk gives opposing, research-supported advice about the value of forgetting.

Best Blogs for Writers to Read in 2013

55 blogs with consistently effective advice, curated by poet Robert Lee Brewer.

5 Digital Products You Can Launch with Your Writing Skills

This list by Linda Formichelli, on her top-10 blog The Renegade Writer, is a quick resource for one of my back-burner projects. While I focus on my fiction, and while I earn my professional salt as a freelance writer or teacher at varying times, I have been exploring new venues that allow myself — or anyone — to put my expertise directly into the hands of interested readers. Check out Linda’s list, spelling out 5 such venues.

Which Publishing Option is Right For You?

For friends who have been weighing the varying paths, between traditional publishing, self-publishing or a hybrid, here is Terri Guiliana Long’s self-quiz on Her Circle to help you get a sense which options best fit your personality.

Interview with Colum McCann

A great rambling interview with National Book Award (and many othes) recipient Colum McCann, including some stirring commentary on his inspiration for Let the Great World Spin.

Sir Ken Robinson | TED Talk

Want insight into my week? Writing lessons, working with kids, changing classes, rethinking learning approaches… This excerpt from Sir Ken Robinson’s famed 2006 TED Talk is at the heart of it. Ken is inspiring and funny, whether you’re an educator or not.

*     *     *     *     *

Shared by the Library of Congress, this poster is from a Chicago promotion 1936-1941. No known copyright restrictions..

Reading list survey for the March Challenge: Click here if you’d like to share  the kinds of books on your 2013 Reading List. I’d love to hear your current must-read titles!

What did you find in these links that is useful to you? Let me know if you want more on a particular subject, or share your own best finds.

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4 responses to “Friday Links for Writers 02.15.13

  1. Love, love LOVE the Ken Robinson talk! I so related to it, being one of those creative kids who ended up being treated as a problem rather than a person. Definitely going to check out the memory one you posted :)
    Excellent, as always.


    • elissa field

      Melanie, isn’t Ken Robinson’s TED talk on education fabulous? It’s one of the ‘reads’ that got me completely fired up about both education and writing this week! Thanks for commenting!


  2. Thanks, Elissa! I really liked taking the self-quiz. I learned more about myself and the publishing options that are out there.


    • elissa field

      Jennifer, it’s great to see you here. I agree about that self-quiz. I have seen lots of posts debating traditional publishing vs. self-publishing, but that one was great at helping a writer evaluate their own “risk threshhold” among other things. Was there anything you learned from it that would be worth sharing? (I learned that I am more open to new formats than I previously thought.)


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