Friday Links for Writers 10.10.14

Beautiful picture of Toni Morrison on a wall inside the Lillian Vernon Writers' House at NYU. I first knew I wanted to write fiction, hearing Toni Morrison read Sula. Love.

Beautiful photograph of Toni Morrison — part of a collection of famed writers captured by photographer Nancy Crampton — on a wall inside the Lillian Vernon Creative Writers’ House at NYU. I first knew I wanted to write fiction, hearing Toni Morrison read Sula. Love.

I am writing under the gun this week — eking in this Friday Links for Writers and an hour of novel revision before a client meeting, plus writing for a course, and going over my query and excerpt for speed pitching with two agents at #BinderCon this weekend.

Client work this week had me thinking about the ways social media has crept into the end products and delivery vehicles for client work. Rebuilding my freelance business after four years teaching, it was quirky to find the ways several news outlets had me posting news in lieu of emailing our press release to an editor. And much of my day Friday was spent teaching Pinterest to a client as a multimedia means for us to exchange work.

Which leads to this week’s Friday Links for Writers, with links reflective of new influences, venues and media in the publishing world — continually creating new opportunities (and challenges) for writers, editors and others in the publishing profession. As I run off to volunteer at #BinderCon this weekend, the theme of sharing resources and seeing writing potential in new ways seems fitting. Let me know what links resound with you, or share your own in the comments. I hope you have a fabulous writing week!

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The Newsonomics of the Millenial Moment

Speaking of continual change and adaptation, if you are a journalist or otherwise impacted by trends in news outlets, this piece by Ken Doctor gives great insight into the impact of millennial readership on news outlets, including the rising wave of news site start-ups. I appreciated his breakdown of why this impact matters as well as the individual significance of outlets including Vox, Buzzfeed, Vice Media, Mic and more. It’s a great piece for better understanding readership and markets.

2014 Most Influential People in Publishing

As long as we’re on business trends, this listing posted on Bibliodaze in May is a really interesting round up of a variety of influential people within the publishing industry. As with any list, it’s not so much about the individual people as the discussion of why each is considered to be influential — reasons which often reflect on the diversity and dynamic changes occurring (or not) — and, in some cases, how individuals have invented platforms of influence that did not previously exist.

Why You Need an Online Writing Portfolio

Some writers might find this a little basic, but I liked this article from because it simplifies the questions many working writers have about online portfoli0s. The article is a brief read, but includes useful links to more specific advice and platforms.

On Professional Editing and Why I Charge My Friends for Advice

The last of our freelance-focused links: for anyone writing or editing freelance who has ever debated their hourly rate, this post by Jennifer Margulis makes no apologies for the cost of her services. It is the blowing-caped superhero for honorable remuneration, and a great reminder of your value for anyone starting a writing business. (Well, it was my blowing-caped superhero a couple weeks back when I was wide-eyed over a too many pro bono requests. Stood my ground and paying clients took the place. Yay.)

A Reader’s Manifesto: 12 Hard-wired Expectations Every Reader Has

Early in my writing years, (at the same writing conference when I met Donald Maass) I met with a seasoned Hollywood screenwriter who quoted the classic advice, “If you introduce a gun in the first act, it has to go off by the third.” I’ve carried this as an overall metaphor for the fact that readers have certain expectations as they read — an idea spelled out with effective depth in this post at Writers Unboxed by Lisa Cron. Understanding the innate expectations of readers is a surprisingly effective way to clarify understanding of strengths or gaps in writing.

On Feeding

On the heels of that link about sharing work online, I absolutely love the premise of this post that Kasie Whitener shared on her blog. Inspired by a conversation during Wordsmith Studio’s weekly #wschat, she brings out the voice of one of her characters by having him appear as a guest blogger on her site. It is such an engaging way to introduce a character or your writing to established readers.

Everything You Need to Know Before Applying to an MFA Program

In this post on the Associated Writing Program website, Elizabeth McCracken gives some of the most down to earth and effective advice for anyone applying to MFA Programs. Many who have considered the degree feel batted back and forth in the arguments over whether one should or should not get the degree; thankfully, this is not more of that — but really useful, supportive guidance, like, “Don’t move to a place that you know will depress you.”

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 What About You?

What have you read this week that either fueled your writing or gave you new insight into the profession? What were your favorite reads?

I’m posting this while gearing up to head into the city for #BinderCon tomorrow — I’ll be volunteering and pitching and otherwise connecting with other binder writers. Shout out in the comments if you are there as well. Or, what conferences or writing community are you inspired by this week, large or small?

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    As always, each one of your links leads me to new ideas and understandings. Thank you!


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